On April 13th, 2021, at 12:30PM, i have successfully completed CCDAK exam :-) . The exam contains 60 questions and the duration was 90 minutes. The duration will be sufficient to complete the exam. Generally it takes 60 minutes to complete the exam.

Last time i have shared my learnings on AWS Solution Architect Professional and i had received a very good feedback. So I felt to share my learnings on CCDAK exam too.

CCDAK exam checks your understanding on Kafka, Confluent, kafka architecture and various syntax to create the topics etc. The preparation requires 45–60 hours of time or…

This year, in the month of August, I have successfully completed AWS Solution Architect Professional certification. With this I got both Associate and Professional certifications :-).

I have been approached by many LinkedIn connections to provide information on the preparation for AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification. So thought of taking some time and sharing my learnings and experiences while preparing for the same certification.

As we all know AWS captures a market share of over 33% in the overall Cloud market. This is as per Gartner’s magic Quadrant 2020. So the certification holds a greater value.

Now coming to AWS…

Kiran Mushnuri

AWS Solution Architect Professional and having experience in Pivotal Cloudfoundry.

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